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I LOVE My New Body

Long shapely legs, slimmer thighs, strong calfs all with a graceful line that accents the curves of my bottom.

A SLIM sexy, nipped in waist that presents a beautiful hourglass figure. My back is so smooth, no bulges from under the bra strap on this body. A LOW back dress looks wonderful on me

I love my perky bottom- high and lifted, giving new life to my jeans. Filled out in all the right places.

My breasts are a beautiful, full C cup. They sit high and proud on my chest.

My skin is silky smooth, no dry or rough patches. Touching me is like gliding your hand over silk.

My feet are baby smooth, set off by my cute pink pedicures.

I love they way I look and feel in my clothings. I am a goddess. I look as though I was poured in the clothing, they fit me like a glove. This body of MINE will be beautiful in a size 8 or 10. My body loves wearing bikinis on the beach or at my pool. THis body is photographed for my pleasure and enjoyment. This is the body I was meant to have for the rest of my life!

My back and arms are strong and smooth. My body is muscular but has a beautiful womanly curve to it. I feel fit and healthy! My body loves the exercise that I provide it- Spin, Zumba, dancing, walking and running. I enjoy all of these activities and more!

This body is MINE. I deserve this body for all of the wonderful things that I want to do with my life. This body is firm, smooth, soft, deliciously brown. I look wonderful in my work uniform. I look elegant when I go to formal events. I look sexy but classy when I go out on the town.

This body is MINE. My husband loves to touch and hold and kiss and play with this body. He marvels at how such a beautiful girl can have such a wonderful mind, kind spirit and sexy body. He holds me tight, presses my body against his and never wants to let me go. He will be proud of me and my body and will show me off to everyone, whether I’m in sweats, a ball gown or a sexy dress.

This is MY body. I love my new body! Maintaining my new body is easy- good food, good wine, good exercise, good love keeps my body in tip-top shape.


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